Type I Diabetes

For Type I, a reliable and easy to use CGM solution is a requirement. The whole reason for using a CGM is to get away from daily finger sticks and Glucovation will deliver on that promise. The applicator is very easy to use and is the least intimidating on the market. You will be able to use the dedicated receiver or instantly pair to your smartphone, tablet, or smartwatch with a very intuitive application.

Type II Diabetes

There has never been a CGM solution to meet the needs of the Type II diabetes market until now. Glucovation’s solution will deliver on all the requirements for an ever growing segment. No calibration, ease of use and low cost. The Type II segment is 10x the size of the Type I population and many are undiagnosed.

By 2030 it is predicted that 60% of the U.S. population
will have Type I, Type II or be pre-diabetic.

We are creating solutions with the user in mind.

Glucovation fully understands the issues facing the diabetes population as it relates to monitoring their glucose levels. The Glucovation system is being designed to improve your visibility to hyperglycemic and hypoglycemic levels and give an added level of peace of mind.

The applicator is simple and intuitive to use. Our design places the battery in the disposable portion of the system so that you never have to second guess when the product is running out of power. The foot print of the product will be the smallest on the market and the sensor insertion is almost undetectable. The electronics that send information to your receiver will have a 5 year life. In all, the Glucovation system will improve on all the aspects of existing solutions.