Jeff Suri, Ph.D.
Dr. Jeff Suri is Vice President of Sensor Technologies and Co-Founder.

Dr. Suri has over 13 years of experience developing and testing continuous glucose monitoring technologies and platforms. At Dexcom he served as a Senior Scientist where he led the hands-on development of Dexcom’s future¬†generation sensor technology. He played critical roles in fundamental membrane research, process development, and manufacturing of the G4 Platinum sensor.

Prior to Dexcom, Dr. Suri helped start GluMetrics, a company focused on developing a fluorescence-based glucose sensor for the critical care market. As Director of Chemistry and Sensor Technology he co-invented the core chemistry technology for a boronic acid-based glucose sensor.

Dr. Suri holds a PhD in organic chemistry from University of California, Santa Cruz. He carried out postdoctoral research at The Scripps Research Institute. Dr. Suri has presented at numerous conferences, has 4 issued patents in glucose sensing technology and over 20 publications in the fields of organic and polymer chemistry.