Clint McClellan
Founder and President, Indie Health

Leveraging 15+ years as a wireless health executive, Clint’s latest venture, Indie Health, is developing a portfolio of the most highly standardized, highly certified and easiest to integrate health devices in the industry. He most recently was a co-founder of Qualcomm Life and prior to that established Qualcomm’s Global Industry Analyst and Global Market Intelligence programs. Clint has served as the President and Chairman of Continua Health Alliance where he led the efforts to get the Continua Standards adopted by the UN standards body, the ITU-T, as the world’s only connected health standard. Clint was the founding Chairman of the CEA Health and Fitness Division and also served on the boards of the San Diego Telecom Council, CommNexus and as the Board Chairman for the Foundation for the Children of the Californias. Clint is also on the advisory councils of EvoNexus, Larta and the Veterans Research Alliance (VRA). Most recently Clint joined UC Irvine as an Expert In Residence in its Applied Innovation Center and joined the Case School of Engineering and Case Western Reserve University as an Advisor for Wireless Health and Wearable Solutions.