Get accurate results whenever you need them.

Glucovation’s next generation electrochemistry sensor technology, will be unmatched in performance, accuracy and reliability. With real time transmission to a dedicated receiver, a smart phone, tablet or smart watch you will always be in control and have visibility to your glucose levels. Glucovation is developing a very intuitive user interface with all of the information you need to make timely and correct health decisions.

Phone and Tablet


Glucovation will provide you with a complete system that is easy to use.

Our applicator design will make for an effortless wearable CGM solution with minimal invasiveness. You won’t need a separate applicator, it will be built into the base unit. You will just remove a tab, press and you’re set. We have designed a system in such a way that you won’t have to keep track of when the battery may run out. You get a new battery everytime you apply a new sensor. The transmitter easily removes on and off the disposable sensor to give you up to 5 years of use.

The Technology developed by the Glucovation team keeps our user in mind.

No user calibration gives you seamless use through out the course of your CGM experience. Easy to understand interface and multiple options for transmitting your glucose readings. Glucovation will give you choices and all of this in a cost structure that will be attainable by most needing this type of visibility into their health.


“Diabetes is a major cause of illness
and death in the United States, costing an estimated $245 billion in 2012…”

– Journal of American Medical Association

“Hundreds of millions of dollars have been invested in companies who have sought the solution to this long-standing problem…”

– M. Ahmad, A. M. Kamboh,
and A. Khan, EDN Network